About SP Markets

SP Markets 

SP Markets is a brand of Security Placements Limited.  We are an industry leading brokerage company that offers online trading services for various financial products. It is our passion, dedication and commitment to give you a fantastic investing experience with a multifunctional trading platform, secure trading environment and excellent services, which will enable you to invest in various financial products worldwide efficiently and effectively.

We offer traditional trading products, including Forex, precious metal, European stock indexes, Americas stock indices, Asia- Pacific stock indices, and commodity etc. Our platform, SP Pro (MT4) integrates all advantages of MT4 platform with our characteristics. Every customer is served dynamically and professionally. We are here to listen to our customers attentively, secure their funds. Assisting you to achieve success is our promise.

Our Aim

Customer-centric is our unswerving purpose, and providing excellent customer experience is our ultimate goal. We engage the industry with the full passion, and we always keep our goals in mind. We believe that a sound understanding of our customers’ needs is the key to grasp the market trend. Meeting all of our customers’ demands is also our way of self-improvement, which enables us to have competitive advantages in the market. We respond responsibly to customers’ feedback and suggestions which we value a lot, because they could lead to the perfection of our platform development and service improvement. 


Constant innovation is one of the standards we follow. Our mission is to allow global investors to get massive opportunities to invest worldwide promptly, so we keep enhancing the functionality of our platform, upgrading products selections, improving customers’ trading experience, and making investment easier. 

Social Responsibility

SP markets is a business accountable for its impact on the society and the environment. As the business expanding, we also undertake our social responsibility. So far we’ve participated in a number of community activities in New Zealand, and we’re seeking to dedicate ourselves to help more social groups in the future and make a better world.


Our mission is to keep the leading position in this industry, not only on our products and services, but also on our business principles and the values we are advocating – to become a professional that leads the industry, a trusted friend of the customers, and a partner the society can rely on.
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